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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance provides you with comprehensive coverage for the services covered by Medicare.

If it is most important for you to have a choice in where you receive health care, then the right solution might be Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

There are gaps in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) that leave you liable for about 20% of out-of-pocket costs including co-pays, co-insurances, and deductibles. This is where Supplemental Insurance steps in. Medicare Supplemental Insurance policies will generally cover that 20% because you pay a monthly premium to keep your out-of-pocket costs low.

The benefits offered in a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan will be the same no matter what insurance company provides your policy. This means that a Plan F from one company has all the same benefits as a Plan F from every other company. The plans are characterized by letters - for example Plan A and Plan F - and there are set benefits for each plan.

Costs, however, are not the same between Medicare Supplemental Insurance companies. We obtain Medicare Supplement Insurance quotes from many companies for the same letter plan in order to find the right plan at the right price for you.

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most popular plan because it is the most comprehensive. Coverage starts where Original Medicare leaves off and includes benefits like skilled nursing facility co-payments, Medicare excess charges and coverage for foreign travel emergencies. Other popular plans are Plan G and Plan N.

Step 1: Educate

Being informed and educated about Medicare basics and options is very important. Your Longevity Alliance health plan advisor will provide information about Medicare and Medicare health insurance plans. Tell them about your health care needs, any financial considerations and what's most important for you in a health care plan.

Step 2: Compare

You will be provided with a choice of plans and Medicare insurance quotes. Your advisor will answer your questions and help guide you to the most appropriate plan. Here's an important difference about Longevity Alliance: our advisors have no financial incentive to recommend one plan over another to you. Their goal is to simply find the right Medicare plan for you.

Step 3: Enroll

Once you and your advisor have reviewed the plan options, and you are totally comfortable with the information, you can select a plan. We will help you with all of the paperwork and work on your behalf with the insurance company to get your policy issued.

"Freddie, thank you for all your help. You did such careful, prompt and accurate work in securing coverage for my sister-in-law and myself. Without your research and close attention to the details of our needs and circumstances, we would not be in the happy and secure circumstances we are in now. But thank you most of all for kindness and courtesy and patience. We will recommend you to everyone we know."


"I would like to commend Tiffany Brown, a Senior Health Plan Advisor in your company, to you. Ms. Brown has been extremely proficient, professional, caring, and kind while helping me tread the unknown and scary waters of supplemental insurance needs and requirements for Medicare Plan B recipients. She is prompt to return phone calls or emails, and always answers my many questions in a sweet manner. She has truly made this whole experience bearable and less frightening. Your company is very fortunate to have such a wonderfully kind and knowledgeable employee!"

-K. G. Carlson